SICKING will completely hand-tailor your unique personal garnment, exactly the way it is the tradition in the great tailoring houses of London’s Savile Row or in Italy. We meet the highest standards and can bear any comparison with the world’s most prestigeous tailoring houses.

Of course you can expect all the details that bespoke tailoring is known for, like four working sleeve buttonholes or matching patterns, e.g. at the pocket flaps or at the breast pocket.

We are looking forward to your visit at our store in Munich. In our first meeting we will be discussing your personal needs and ideas.

It’s the pure joy of owning something hand-made, something absolutely unique. The perfection of the fit, the unparalleled feeling, nothing is more unagitated and incomparable than wearing bespoke clothes.

» Fashion trends come and go. To your individual personality tailored clothing is timeless. Bespoke tailoring: a classic and elegant style that lasts a lifetime. «


Your personal needs, ideas and preferences are the starting point of the bespoke process. We will discuss your new suit in detail, take 40 different measurements and select a suitable fabric from the world’s most reknown mills.


The first version of the garnment is readied to review and adjust the fit, to decide on the style of the lapels and the positions of buttonholes and pockets. Adjustments will be marked with pins and chalk. In this state it is still possible to alter the jacket in most parts because it will be completely deconstructed afterwards for further processing.


In the following fittings we will review and refine more and more details like drape, balance, vents, neck point and the exact position of the sleeves – the more exactly their position, the more freedom of movement you will have in the finished jacket.

We now will also review the first version of the trousers, refine width, length and balance, define position and style of the pockets.


After the final fitting we will perfectly finish your suit. Now we also have your unique cutting pattern which makes the crafting of further garnments easier for you.

Hand-tailored garnments are the optimal choice in case of the necessity of future alterations. We add a sufficiant amount of cloth to the garnment, the hand-tailored seams can easily be unstitched, the cut can be generously changed.